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August 18, 2010
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Rain Dance by mechhead Rain Dance by mechhead
A commission piece for a young woman, she has always come across very upbeat, and very positive, no matter what is going on, so I wanted to reflect this in the art work, and while the big “nasty mean looking” cloud is raining down, she is still happy to play in the puddle.

She is very happy with the piece which in turn makes me very happy that she likes it, the design brief was little more than “can you make me one” off the back of another commission, so it was not easy to come up with an initial design.

I originally uploaded a version of this, that i have now moved to my scrapbook, i have made a series of minior changes since that, working on the symetry of teh faces, and the cell shading on the object. Also to make it have more depth, i removed the rain drops that intersect the olt, and the character.

Created with Adobe Illustrator, Wacom Intuos 4L, Adobe Photoshop used for final layout.

Comments and or constructive criticism is always welcome.
I have the time of course!
looks really good :)
very clean and precise, and the colours are very cheerful :)
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